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كافيه مطعم


As with all FREEARTUSprojects, the Team at LAWRENCE is also a 50/50 cast, a close collaboration on an equal footing: Our Acting Partner and Business Director Frank Alva Buecheler is German, our other Acting Partner and Business Director Bachar Hassoun is from Syria. The Managing Director of FREEARTUSstage and our Social Media Director, Christian Persico, still has his American passport, and LAWRENCE Program Director Anas Maghrebi still has his Syrian. Tommaso Lombardi, Managing Director of FREEARTUSmusic, is Italian, Head Chef Mustafa is Kurdish, our sous-chef Mohamad ist Syrian. And our service team brings together Germans, Italians, Americans, Canadians, Syrians, Iraqis, Kurds and Palestinians!

Even more international are our Guests!


Oranienburger St. 69

DE 10117 Berlin


+49 030 55 10 44 30

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