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Happy Birthday, Lawrence

Party Saturday, August 11th at 4:00pm!

Luvuro at LAWRENCE

New exhibit in the LAWRENCE fanun Gallery


Our cozy outdoor Summer patio is open!

Arabic + English in LAWRENCE

Beginner basics + advanced instruction


Our Syrian breakfast – with a touch of Europe

Restaurant, gallery, studio, shop, catering and event space

In 2014, when the so-called „Wave of Refugees” reached Germany, we helped. In every way we could. And we visited theaters and museums with refugees, had concerts for and increasingly organize concerts with them, presented exhibitions with them.

Then we traveled to their countries and began to reflect. Our conclusion: a mindset of cooperation must be developed to appropriately face the worldwide phenomenon of flight and migration in this century.

And so we founded FREEARTUS artists + refugees united for freedom at the end of 2015 as a non-profit organization.

We draft and develop new concepts for acceptance, integration and communication – and this, at every step, mutually with our partners in crisis regions or with the Newcomers here in Europe.

LAWRENCE is a further, important step on this path of success. The combination of

Café and Restaurant





considers itself a small melting pot of cultures, especially the Arabic, German and European. Everyone – Berliners, tourists, Newcomers – is welcome here to experience enrichment through cultural exchange!

We found a cool location for LAWRENCE in an old apartment and business building originally built in 1906, in the heart of the former Jewish Quarter in Berlin. Tolerance has always, and continues to be, the connecting attitude towards life here. LAWRENCE wants to contribute to this tradition in a modern way.

Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome!

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