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The Gallery at LAWRENCE presents contemporary art in the context of migration and globalization. Whether paintings, photography, video, installations or design and fashion – there are no limitations to our media. Quite the opposite—interdisciplinary approaches that reflect intercultural ideas and concepts are highly welcome. Our curator, Petra Rietz, stands for quality and conceptual coherence—she herself being an educated photographer and longtime gallery owner, as well as an experienced exhibition organizer in Berlin.

The LAWRENCE Gallery is open during the restaurant’s normal business hours.


Photographic impressions of daily life in Lebanese refugee camps
Exhibit by Judith Döker and FREEARTUS
November 3rd, 2017 – January 26th, 2018

In March, 2017, a team from FREEARTUS artists + refugees united for freedom together with photographer and actor Judith Döker visited refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley, near to the Lebanese-Syrian border. From this comes a very impresive series of photos: HEROES OF WAR.

In this series, Judith Döker encounters those in the camps who are building new lives for themselves after fleeing their homes. The photographer succeeds in capturing the loving oppenness, the hope and humans’ enormous will to live with her camera.

One motif of the photo series HEROES OF WAR is a key feature of this year’s UNO Flüchtlingshilfe campaign and will be extensively postered around Berlin starting on November 2nd.

Around 45 additional photos will be displayed in the LAWRENCE fanun GALLERY.

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