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The LAWRENCE funun Gallery presents contemporary art in the context of migration and globalization. Whether paintings, photography, video, installations or design and fashion—there are no limits to our media. Quite the opposite—interdisciplinary approaches that reflect intercultural ideas and concepts are highly welcome. Our curator Anas Homsi stands for quality and conceptual coherence – he himself being both a graduate of the Academy in Damascus and an internationally successful painter and photographer. But the LAWRENCE funun Gallery is also a matter of our executive leadership and is also substantially led by Frank Alva Buecheler who, through experience as a professor of aesthetics and art market, knows what he's doing. And last but certainly not least, the gallery's program profits immensely from our Italian partners at M'AMA.ART.

The LAWRENCE Gallery is open during the restaurant's normal business hours.

Current Exhibit

BEAU FRAISIER Eine Kindheit in Algier C8 - LAWRENCE berlin mitte Ausstellung

BEAU FRAISIER - A Childhood in Algiers
Drawings from the book
by poet Habib Tengour and graphic artist Pascale Bougeault

Habib Tengour and Pascale Bougeault dedicate this book to Beau Fraisier, a famous district of Algiers. While the poet creates images and thoughts in concise, associative texts, the artist draws people in Beau Fraisier and in the Region of Paris: exiles from Algeria who remember Beau Fraisier. Both react to each other. The levels of here and then are interwoven, just as the women sketched once recognize each other in a picture drawn by the artist and reported by the poet ... the back and forth between imaginary and real moments lends the whole book something floating.

Beau Fraisier is a tender, poetic book that wanders back and forth, that gathers impressions of a sociable, everyday family life in summer, unforgettable especially for those who live far from Algeria in exile, in France or elsewhere. Beau Fraisier becomes a synonym for a place of origin and longing that offers an inner orientation with its peaceful, thoughtful coexistence.

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Past Exhibits

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Paintings & Drawings
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M'AMA Seeds
Mixed Media
Curated by M'AMA ART

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